« Hierophanie » is a series of 10 prints made with etching, aquatint and drypoint. These images tells us a story of a divine apparition. The title itself means this: Hieros = Sacred, Phanios = Appears. First, there is a frontispice that depicts a chaos. Then, a rock appears out of nowhere and separates the sky and the water. The next images follows the evolution of this rock, going through different states. In fact, it gets discovered by mankind and a whole religion and temple is then built around it. Until one day, a war starts, ending in the destruction of the temple and the disparition of this sacred rock. In the end, we just see ruins of this imaginary architecture and the sacred apparition ends up in a forest, far from any risk.

Of course, everyone can choose too see his own story, and this rock can evoke or symbolize different things, like a face, a relic, or a totem. The images chronology can even be changed and the ellipse between each of them can be years or centuries. The whole series can also be seen as a methaphor of a spirituality that goes beyond any architecture, ritual or specific culture.